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  • Which thoughts should you have to succeed?
  • When and why do you give up?
  • If you had three wishes to make, what would they be?
  • What benefits will this project bring you?

These are but a few examples of questions you may have to answer by playing the Be Bold game. Based on the co-development method, the game is played in teams of 3 to 6 people. Each player has three minutes without interruption to answer a question picked at random from a set that contains 60 different cards. The other players then have one minute each to give feedback to that player. After this round of feedback, another player then draws a new card and the game continues.

The object of the game is to clarify and make headway on a bold project. This is a cooperative game, and players are required to make their personal and professional strengths available to the other players.

The game is led by a designated facilitator.This person explains that the role of the facilitator is to guide the game, to make sure the rules and the time allotted are respected, and to create a climate of trust and of cooperation. The role of the facilitator is to give the players feedback.

The facilitator explains to players that the game is not competitive and that there is no winner or loser.

The facilitator explains that, for the purposes of the game, players must each identify one real project that is important for them and over which they have influence or control. Players are required to describe their projects in a positive manner.

With these conditions in mind, the facilitator then asks the players to explain their projects in writing on the document that was provided to them.

The facilitator now asks each of the players to read their projects aloud in turn. Following the players’ presentations, the facilitator helps them clearly articulate their projects by applying the characteristics of a SMART project. The facilitator invites the players to record the others’ projects and also makes a note of them.

The characteristics of a SMART project:
S M A R T - Specific Measurable Acceptable Realistic Time-bound

The facilitator explains how the game is played. The first player takes the first card. Each card corresponds to one of the four vectors of daring for a bold project:

The desired benefits The price to pay The obstacles to overcome The support needed.

The player reads the question on the card aloud and must answer the question within three minutes, as measured by the sand timer.

The other players and the facilitator listen to the player’s answer in silence and take notes. Each participant then has one minute to respond to the player’s answer and to tell this person what they feel. Before responding, each participant gives the player who’s turn it is a “Be Bold Key,” which the player keeps, and holds the player’s hand while they speak.

When everyone, including the facilitator, has had a chance to speak, it is another player’s turn. Each player has at least three turns.