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This how-to guide presents a method designed to help develop the attitudes and behaviours needed to realize bold projects. The foundations of this method are inspired by nature, because experience has taught us that observing nature in its myriad forms helps us formulate a clear and pragmatic approach to the often complex questions raised during this type of undertaking.

We’ve chosen twelve analogies linked to nature to help you better understand human behaviour. They also serve to encourage you to explore differ- ent ways of thinking about the desired results and the concrete actions you might consider taking to achieve them. It’s important to note that this method can be adapted to each individual, as, naturally, not everyone approaches life with the same degree of daring.

Read an extract of the book here.

Our method is based on the four fundamental vectors of a bold project:

1. the desired benefits

2. the price to pay

3. the obstacles to overcome

4. the support needed

1st vector: The desired benefits

  • The snowflake: Build on your success
  • The monkey: Break out of your cage
  • Light: Discipline your thinking

2nd vector: The price to pay

  • The crab: Step out of your comfort zone
  • The rainbow: Put yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • The schlumbergera: Manage your stress

3rd vector: The obstacles to overcome

  • Water: View paradoxes as sources of progress
  • The goldfish: Rethink your fish bowl
  • The tornado: Avoid destructive situations

4th vector: The support needed

  • The frog: Your environment influences your actions
  • The avalanche: Don’t give up!
  • The hummingbird: Manage your time

About the authors

Jocelyn Pinet has been helping organizations gather interested stakeholders around common projects, visions, strategies, and goals since 1986. He creates and facilitates seminars, training sessions, and con- ferences, providing content and advice to help par- ticipants better understand the challenges they face and find ways of responding to them.

Olivier Bouleau is a certified coach, specialized in leadership development, relationships with oneself, others and one’s professional environment, as well as personal development, and the development of individual potential.